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This year we installed a number of our portable ramps.  The initial cost for these is higher than a wooden ramp, but they can be installed quickly and can be removed easily and moved to another home.  They are especially useful for temporary situations, or where the home is being rented, and not owned by the person in need.  Your contributions help pay for these ramps, and we get to use them over and over.  I've included several we have in place right now, on this page that were installed this  year. 

These guys put this ramp together in about 3 hours

This ramp provides the wheelchair bound patient to get to doctors visits.

Volunteers For Christ, Inc. is a local outreach ministry formed by answer to prayer and submission to God. It is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes and is recognized by the IRS under section 501(c)(3) as a charitable organization. All contributions as such are tax deductible. Volunteers For Christ, Inc. operates from contributions and donations from churches, organizations and individuals who wish to help others in need. CONTACT US HERE:   volunteers4christ.org@gmail.com

P.O. BOX 929

Would you like to help? Volunteers and financial support are always welcome. We need you!! Special skills are not always needed. You will find just making yourself available to the Lord is rewarding. Men, women, and youth are welcome.
For more information write to:
Volunteers For Christ
P.O. Box 929
South Hill, Virginia 23970
email: volunteers4christ.org@gmail.com

We hope you have enjoyed our site. Feel free to contact us! Steve & Susie Carroll

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Youth are always good volunteers!

How Does Volunteers For Christ
 We find out about needs through churches, and civic agencies throughout the county.  We evaluate the need, and if possible, we put the families & individuals in need with our financial resources and volunteers who can help.  If we don't have the resouces, we try to connect them with a resource that may help.      


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Imagine an elderly person trying to walk or ride down this ramp
The lady was happy to use this ramp insted of the one above!
A little old man in this little old house uses this little new ramp to get out of the house.
Here is a temporary situation for a client who had knee surgery